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Things are quiet in the morning, especially in an unassuming town like Aledale. When sixteen-year-old Jan (often referred to as “Jinx”) and her best friend Shelley attempt to catch low tide early in the morning at the local cove, Jan uncovers a little box with a mermaid carved into the lid, adorned with shining emerald eyes and a mysterious message and locket inside. After putting the necklace on, Jan begins to experience painful and unsettling episodes that leave her floundering for an explanation. Accompanied with the unrelenting desire to keep the locket close, Jan drags Shelley on a search for clues as to whom the necklace and box belong to. As they fall further into the intricate web spun by the people trying to get back what they claim is theirs, Jan and Shelley learn about a peculiar legend and why what they found needs to fall into the right hands. But not all hands are the right ones, and not all secrets can be kept. After all, some things are predestined to be jinxed.

Genres: Teen/Young Adult (13-18+), dark/urban fantasy, mystery, supernatural thriller

Content Warning: Violence, murder, torture, gore, explosions, stalking, kidnapping, delusions, addiction, trauma, cursing, mentions of suicide and forced institutionalization

Image by Thomas Mowe

Jinx: Art

Cover design: Bespoke Book Covers, Illustrations: Viktoriia Davydova (4 out of 11)

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Listen to music that inspired the story
or read the guide to learn about each song


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  1. Mechanical: A quiet, curious theme song.

  2. Mechanical Lullaby: "In the beginning..."

  3. The beyondness of things: Small towns, ancient legends.

  4. Underwater: Diving in Azuline Cove. {Ch. 2}

  5. Moon Dance: Emerald eyes fade into blue. {Ch 37}

  6. End Credits Pt. 1: The sea reclaims her treasure.

  7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Jan's song.

  8. invisible string: Shelley's song.

  9. Pressure: Aiden's song.

  10. Mama: Owens's song. 

  11. Bad Idea: Nolan's song.

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