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Image by Johnny Kaufman
The Underground Moon

After moving to Tennessee in the wake of a family trauma, Rosella and her little sister Hettie stumble across a hidden well near their new home. Beneath it lies an enchanted forest and an underground moon, which grows each time the sisters return. As Hettie becomes enamored with their new sanctuary, Rosella realizes that what once seemed like the perfect escape has insidious intentions.

KINDLE The Underground Moon 1 May 2020.jpg
Image by antony

At the start of summer in 1972, sixteen-year-old Jan and her best friend Shelley find a box in the ocean with a mysterious locket inside. As they fall further into an intricate web spun by a family with dark secrets, the girls learn why what they found needs to fall into the right hands. But not all hands are the right ones, and not all secrets can be kept. After all, some things are predestined to be jinxed.

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