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Book Blurb

Summers in Tennessee are unfamiliar to fifteen-year-old Rosella Gill, who spent her life growing up in Oregon. But after a traumatic event with her mother that left their family in shambles, Rosella doesn’t plan on seeing her old home again any time soon. Together with her mother and seven-year-old sister Hettie, Rosella finds herself ripped from her old life as they move in with her aunt. Though she doesn’t mind Tennessee, the town they live in is rural and stagnant. Things get surprisingly more interesting, however, when she and Hettie come across a well hidden in a nearby forest and a staircase that descends into it. Underneath, they find a moonlit lake and a forest with trees boasting intricate carvings of children’s faces. Above it all shines an underground moon, which grows a little fuller every time they return. After meeting a man with a haunted past, Rosella begins to realize that the world is not as innocent as it seems, and it has a particular target: her sister.

*Genres: Teen/YA (13-18+), dark/urban fantasy, horror

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Image by Mahdi Soheili
  • Quarantine (Justin Hurwitz): A haunting, ethereal theme song.

  • Crater (Justin Hurwitz): Divine, but with a hint of something darker.

  • Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Javier Navarrete): A sad, whimsical lullaby.

  • Moon (Air): Otherworldly and slightly unsettling.

  • The Landing (Justin Hurwitz): Wayne's act of heroism. *Chapter 30

  • Sextant (Justin Hurwitz): A mourning period. *Chapter 32

  • I'll Take Care of You (The Chicks): Rosella's song. It encapsulates her devotion, love, and role as an older sister.

  • The Sky (Maddy Estelle): Ava's song. Dreamy with a touch of loneliness; a yearning for connection.

  • Spider's Web (Charlotte Diamond): Hettie's song. A fusion of innocence, magic, and eeriness. 

  • Miss Misery (Elliott Smith): Wayne's song. Coping with the wounds of a haunted past and tormented present.

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